Wednesday, 25 July 2012

never give up

If This man can do it. I can do it too... I will never give up fighting for you Gracie. No matter what anyone says

Thursday, 19 July 2012

20+ dislikes

Yesterday I got lots of dislikes for my fight for this love video... They all came at once too lol... but the haters of gotta come first... I must of rattled them lol... made them look at themselves a bit... made them think... and they dont want to do either... so they get really angry at me instead... lol... I believe a lot of good will come out of what I do and I will always believe this, and I will always work with God to achieve this.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fight For This Love With Comentary

I have uploaded my video fight for this love with comentary that I made for court last month. This will probably explain a bit better my message,,, but the other video (without comentary) is available for more easy viewing!!!

It is heart breaking but I have got to stay strong for my daughters sake

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I do actually aim to save the World

I do aim to save the world . But its a big place and I think I will just start with the UK. Yeah lets change our country first and then I will work on others. This people might think is a strange thing to think about. But I have been thinking about saving the world since I was a child. It is my mission. I am on a missiong from God and it is true.

Hey this blog is mean to be my truth so I tell ya how it is. So I intend to complete that mission and spread God's Love and help save the world. Obviously everyone has to join in, hey thats the plan. I just follow God's insperation and see where it leads me. One this is for sure, that I will find out!!

Its called having faith in the Lord and his love and guidance


Thank you everyone who signs my petitionnn!!!!

Here is the pre written email they send you to send out.. I might as well show you lol. Hey I am sad today so I am not working so fast.. It is forever sad being seperated from my daughter and she never gets to hear my voice either. We cant even phone eachother up and talk on the phone!!!

Its just deprivation to my daughter and the fact they where even suggesting 6 times a year, just shows how little they value our relationship!!

This is in general is how the social services is run. Most people are nice but just follow the control. Even though they know its not right. The staff at the centre are all lovely and nice woman , but the social workers have been robotic. Yes I have new social worker that I have not even been introduced to and I met the teem leader today. She seems nice but she did imply that Gracie's life had not been destroyed. All my videos show otherwise.... here is one of Gracie with foster parents.. it is quite upsetting really... hey I might as well make this live too.. I dont like these foster carers they certainly mentally abused my child and he once grabbed Gracie by the arm and swung her around because she was tapping her coat on my knee...

and said to her.. dont you ever do that to your mother!!!! and really stared in her eyes... !!! she just jumped on my knee!!! this is who they FORCED my child to live with and I screamed and shouted about it for weeks and no one did anything about it!!!! anyway it breaks me in two what my child has been through and I dont even know all of it!!!! she did say she had been touched between the legs... they said police investigatored and she said she made it up!!! but I dont see how a four year old child could do that!!! I asked her if anyone had ever touched her between the legs... and she said they stuck their finger in her bum and it really hurt every night!!!1 I nearly fainted and said "really " and she said "yes" I asked her who and she said her present foster carers... but I knew then it was these ones....!!!

I saw it in her eyes... I feel she has been physically abused and these are so good at it that they threated her with anything and everything!!!! and she does it cos she is probably told if she does not do it she will never see her mummy again!!!! I just really think something horrible has gone on... it is my gut feeling and It kills me knowing they made me powerless to protect her from this!!!

They took my child from heaven and put her through hell

video not showing up yet

Monday, 16 July 2012

please sign my petition

please will you sign my petition so that Gracie can come home with me

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thank you so much xxx

okay this is not the site address. I am trying to embed it but i am not that good.. hey you can embed it into a site if you want... the more votes the better

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A few grey hairs lol

lolllll.... i have a few grey hairs since i been going through this lol.... but no when i die it i am a bit rubbish... but that is what i have to put up with for now... its part of the image... dont ask me... ask God!! lol.. I think its so when I am back with Gracie I go to Toni and Guys and get hair sorted... vissual message to these robots.... you know even my hair went better!!! yeah things we gotta do... also blond means you stand out n dont caree lol especially with a few spots i missed yeah... not that good on my own... but hey.... its who I am.... I think it has to be done a certain way and God likes to put the odd lil thing there that people might question and then it gets confirmed to them a moment later..... we create the question and the answer .. so people dont need to ask.. its all you